Production Machine & Enterprises Corp.
World Class Machining
Production Machine and Enterprises Corporation is dedicated to providing world class contract machining services by utilizing modern equipment, methods, and the objectives for total quality.

Since 1978 PM&E has been specializing in machining non-ferrous castings, as well as brass, aluminum, carbon steel & stainless steel bar stock.

PM&E is a contract manufacturer with the capabilites of producing precision parts, 3 shifts, 5 days a week.  Machining capabilites include 10 horizontal machining centers, 5 vertical machining centers, and 10 turning centers with live tooling, y-axis, and transfer capabilites.  Size capabilities range from 1/2" bar stock to 60 lb. sand castings.

PM&E is continuously improving its manufacturing processes using lean manufacturing, flexible manufacturing, automation, and continuous improvement to compete in the world marketplace.